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Saga Prefecture, located in the southern Japanese region of Kyushu, can be easily visited from major cities by train or Shinkansen. There are many tourist attractions for everyone to enjoy, including those who want to enjoy history, culture, and nature. It has abundant nature, including Ramsar Convention wetlands (Higashi Yoka Tidal Flat and Hizen Kashima Tidal Flat) and Genkai National Park (Niji-no-Matsubara). In autumn, many tourists visit Karatsu Kunchi, which is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage site, and one of Asia's largest hot air balloon competitions. Saga has long been famous for its ceramics such as Imari-yaki, Arita-yaki, and Karatsu-yaki. Visitors can also heal from travel fatigue at Ureshino Hot Spring, one of the three best hot springs for beautiful skin in Japan, and other famous hot springs such as Takeo Hot Spring and Furuyu Hot Spring.

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Saga Prefecture recommendations

  • Saga International Balloon Festa

    Saga International Balloon Festa

    One of Asia's largest international hot air balloon championships is held annually from late October to early November on the banks of the Kasegawa river in the city of Saga. The first competition was held in 1980, with 14 hot air balloons participationg at that time. Nowadays, more than 100 hot air balloons participate in this event.

  • Karatsu Kunchi

    Karatsu Kunchi

    Karatsu Shrine autumn festival, held annually from November the 2nd to the 4th. It is an exciting festival in which 14 floats run through the town while people chant "Enya, Yoisa!" It has been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  • Yutoku Inari Shrine

    Yutoku Inari Shrine

    It is counted as one of Japan's three major shrine dedicated to the Shinto god Inari. The inner sanctuary is located on the top of a huge platform made up of 117 steps, and its height is 18m up to the handrail. The bright lacquered vermilion building amidst the green of the trees is truly an impressive view.

  • Kankyo Geijutsu No Mori

    Kankyo Geijutsu No Mori

    You can enjoy the spectacular natural scenery throughout the four seasons, with fresh spring greenery during summer, and the vivid autumn colors with more than 10,000 maple trees. Inside the "Fuyu Sanso" villa, the surrounding scenery is reflected on the lacquered tables, allowing the visitor to enter into a magical world.

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Saga Airport has flights to Tokyo (Haneda Airport), Shanghai, South Korea, and Taiwan. You can also visit Saga Prefecture by train, bus, or car via Fukuoka Airport, which is located in the neighboring prefecture and has many flights arriving and departing from each city.

Please check the Kyushu Saga International Airport website for flight details (external link)

Railway JR/Shinkansen

The main route from Tokyo/Osaka is to take the Shinkansen (Tokaido/Sanyo) via Fukuoka/Hakata Station, then take the Kyushu Shinkansen from Shin-Tosu Station. Alternatively, you can take the limited express bound for Sasebo/Huis Ten Bosch. For the Karatsu area, we suggest you to use the JR Chikuhi Line.

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