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Saga: Where rich, Exciting Experiences Await You

Saga Prefecture: Full of Rich History and Natural Beauty

Kyushu Island is the southernmost of the four major islands in the Japanese Archipelago. Saga Prefecture is located in the northern part of this Kyushu Island. It has enjoyed many exchanges with other Asian countries since ancient times, evidence of which can be witnessed at the numerous historical sites in the region. Saga is blessed with natural beauty. In the north is the Genkai Sea and in the south, the Ariake Sea. In addition, the Sefuri Mountain Range is located in the north of the Prefecture and the vast Saga Plains in the south. Plenty of flowers and trees bloom all over Saga, presenting a variety of seasonal impressions.
Saga has so many things to offer visitors, with its natural beauty, rich history, plentiful hot springs and exciting festivals. Take a look at various aspects of Saga and enjoy!

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